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Welcome to Ekta Manch
  • Welcome to Ekta Manch

    EKTA MANCH, A group of people dreamt of "A brighter tomorrow; when our motherland will be self-reliant; free from the curse of ignorance and will again be the apex of civilization." That desire became so intense that they could no longer remain merely a silent witness and thus in 2001 EKTA MANCH got its foundation. It was started as a personal initiative in 1993 but after few years we found ourself more towards social welfare instead of business thus In 2001 Ekta Manch got registration under Indian Society Registration Act, 1860.

    The primary aim of EKTA MANCH is to provide assistance for education, health care and shelter to orphans, needy children and underprivileged people. Since then EKTA MANCH activities have been gaining success at a steady rate and have been spreading its cause all over the state.

    After 2004 We moved towards new objectives which came through change in overall social scenario of our state and country. We take challenges in Information Technology Sector which was still in conceptualization phase in Bihar. We started funding needy organisations and Government to strengthen their IT Infrastructure. Since our approach was not profit oriented we got overwhelming response. After IT we initiated Training and capacity building and finally entered in Human Resource. This journey continues and we are more stable now to take more challenges to strengthen our society at large.

    We had associated ourself with various professional organisation to deliver high degree output to organisations who believed in our philosophy and award us opportunity to work with them. "The Pixel Guru" one of leading web service providers in Bihar is behind our IT programmes, Manaswin Media Private Limited assists us to organise Events, provides Project Consultancy and assists us in Human Resource & Training Programmes, Imagica Graphics (New Delhi) deliver us high level creatives and is our primary media consultant. HR4IN is joint initiative of Manaswin Media (P) Ltd & EM to provide a platform to talented youth of Bihar.

    Till date We have assisted many Government Departments as well as National/International Organisations like Urban Development & Housing Department (Bihar), Department of Tourism (Bihar), Information & Public Relation Department (Bihar), Bihar State Water & Sanitation Mission (Under Public Health & Engineering Department, Bihar), Bihar Rural Road Development Agency (Under Rural Works Department, Bihar), Nalanda District Administration, Saran District Administration, International Labour Organisation (Geneva), Compfed Sudha Dairy (Muzaffarpur), Bihar State Aids Control Society, Social Welfare Department, Biada, Unicef, ICDS, Bihar Archives etc. and continuing with many of them.

    Welcome To Ekta Manch, Explore our world and join hands for a better future.

  • Introduction

    We at EKTA MANCH believe in developing the society by modifying and adapting ourselves to the ever changing dynamics of the society. We take pride in the fact that our Organisation is a progressive and democratic set-up of people drawn from diverse backgrounds united with the common thread for betterment of the society that we live in. We have always adopted full professionalism and aimed at result oriented activity.

    EKTA MANCH, is an effort, a struggle, to make a difference to the deprived strata of our society, to the children of the lesser Gods who perhaps are as talented as any of us, if not more, lack enough opportunities to realise their ambitions and succeed in life. Our effort is to help them break free from the bridling circumstances they are in, and lead a meaningful life, instead of suffering the agony of a demeaning and futile existence. No failure is complete unless we stop trying. EKTA MANCH is a never-ending struggle to dawn. We have the habit of being uniformly considerate towards the downtrodden and underprivileged section of our society and this brings increased/immense happiness to us.

    Ekta Manch is not affiliated with any political or religious organisation. Initially we have started our journey as a cultural group after 2004 we expanded our focus to Education, Health, Information Technology & Human Resource & Training.

  • Credentials

    Randomly picked organisations from Cred.list.v6.02
    Urban Development & Housing Department Bihar State Water & Sanitation Mission Bihar Rural Road Development Agency Information & Public Relations Department, Bihar
    Department of Tourism Bihar State Aids Control Society International Labour Organisation, Geneva Unicef

  • Key Associations

    Department Organisation Focused Area Association From Extreme Years Longest Project Consultant / Partners
    Urban Development & Housing Department HR 2011 2012   MMPLTD
    Bihar State Water & Sanitation Mission IT & HR 2006 2006-09 2006-09 TPG
    Bihar Rural Road Development Agency IT & HR 2010 2010 2010 TPG
    Department of Tourism IT & HR 2000 2000, 2010 2009-12 TPG
    Information & Public Relations Department, Bihar IT & HR 2008 2008 2008-2010 TPG
    Bihar State Aids Control Society Social Welfar 2005 2006 2006-12 None
    International Labour Organisation, Geneva IT 2009 2010, 2011 2011 TPG, MBPLTD, Imagica
    Unicef Social Welfare 1998 2000, 2002 2000 None
    Swa Shakti (BSWDC) Social Welfare 2001 2002 2002 None
    Bihar State Women Development Corporation Social Welfare 2000 2002 2002 None
    District Administration, Kodarma Social Welfare 1999 1999 1999 None
    District Administration, Nalanda IT 2006 2006 2006 TPG
    Pranjal Training Cum Research Institute IT 2009 2009 2009 TPG
    Sudha Dairy (Timul) IT 2005 2008 2005-12 TPG
    Bihar Archives IT & HR 2009 2010 2010-12 TPG
    Industry Department Social Welfare 1999 1999 1999 None
    We may provide complete list on request.

  • Self Funded / Self Managed Projects

    Jyoti Kalash Vidhyalaya
    Lopamudra Prasikshan Kendra
    NGO Care
    HR4In (In association with MMPLTD)
    Vidhyachan Pustakalay (Supported by MBPLTD)
    Nurotsav (Annual Function)
    Noor-E-Bihar (Award for Working Women)

    PFSNP : Profit Free Services for Non Profits

    We provides subsidised professional services to Non Profits who operates without any support of Government or funding agency. These are services where we provides subsidy on case to case basis : Website Design, Web Hosting, Domain Registration . HR consultancy. Project Management.

    For details please send email to ngocare@ektamanch.org

  • Associates


  • Focus Area


    Bihar, has been a major centre of learning in the past, land of the University of Nalanda (one of the earliest university of India dating back to the fifth century) and Vikramshila.So, to revive this trend of excellence in field of Education EKTA MANCH is putting forth its full strength and trying to bring the downtrodden but yet capable children in the same stream of education. EKTA MANCH believes that " Every child is special and is born with a purpose".

    Information Technology

    Even in Y2K Bihar was nowhere on the Indian map of Information Technology. It was time when we decided to change this scenario and activated our skill and effort in this sector. We initially started with Training and later entered providing direct assistance. We have many first in our list, First Data Centre of Public Health & Engineering Department (Bihar State Water Sanitation Mission), Rural Works Department (BRRDA), First Web Presence of Sudha Timul, Biada, Bihar State Water & Sanitation Mission, Directorate of Tourism, Pranjal Training cum Research Institute, Bihar Archive etc.


    Ekta Manch has initiated dialogue with various agencies which is engaged in addressing the health issues. EM's mission has its focus on most deprived people of the society and the most effective way to reach to them is through various agencies having a genuine and sustainable relationship with the community. It wishes to support various agencies to achieve enough level of capacities and skills to play a significant role in health sector.There is many self funded initiatives taken by us which includes Blood Donation Camps, Rural Health Camps. We have been also involved in various programmes of Unicef, Bsacs, Naco etc.We have adopted strategic action plan for health and hygiene of slum dwellers and urban poor.

    Human Resource & Training

    We have been instrumental in recruiting, monitoring and managing human resources on a large scale. Besides we are working towards community mobilization, identifying the target group for training in various social sector reforms. We have delivered best available resources to associated organisation. Our approach is a little different when it comes to train and select people. We try to engage people with clear vision and honest in nature. We encountered numerous situations where our fight with orthodox government procedures became so intense and we force them to change their attitude. That is the power which keeps us running in tough situations.

    Social Welfare

    It is core area which motivated foundation of EM. Before foundation of EM it was personal effort of few individuals, now we are serving society collectively. We worked tirelessly to achieve whatever challenge situations throwed in our path. We worked with many agencies, department and organisations.

    Apart from Focused Area we had organised / supported / participated in more than 150 plays since inception as a united body to perform such activities. Here are some widely appreciated plays we are associated with : Aadhi Raat Ka Sawera • Bidesiya • Hatak • Main Dayan Nahin • Kulta • Aurat Ka Dard • Aurat Ka Dard Aur Buddhwad • Aurat Teri Yehi Saza • Nawab Mirchilal • Prem Ka Insaaf etc. Our cultural activities spread in All Districts of Bihar, Few Districts of Jharkhand (ie Koderma, Ranchi, Bokaro, Jamshedpur, Palamu, Deoghar), Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Benaras and other major cities of India.

  • Career @ EM

    We have partnered with HR4in and Manaswin Media (P) Ltd subsequently for all our openings. Do click thumbnail appears below this sentence :


  • Feedback/Suggestions

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    Contact Us

    Ekta Manch
    Beside Pranjal Apartment
    West Boring Canal Road
    Patna - 800001
    Phone No. +91 825 211 8960
  • Mission & Vision


    Our mission is to serve the society in the sectors like Education, Health, IT, Micro Finance, Human Resource / Training and Capacity Building through active participation in government and non governmental programmes. Our goal in next coming years is to establish ourself to provide Basic Education, Health Facilities, Promotion of income generation programmes for deprived section of the society.


    We should develop our organisation as a place where every individual has their own way but similar cause to fight for, "We believe in setting trend, changing ourselves to change the society and how much tough it may be, never give up" because when the going gets tough ; the tough gets going. We invite you to dream with us so that the dream may come true, as we believe " If you Dream it; you do it".


    • To Work with existing government initiatives and create new ones to improve access, content and delivery of Health, Education, IT & Human Resource.
    • To Build active, sustainable partnerships with individuals, community at large, government and others.
    • Achieve significant improvement in the quality of education as a sustained method for attracting and retaining children in the school.
    • To provide assistance for education, health care and shelter to orphans, needy children and underprivileged people.
    • Capacity building of New NGO's for their better functioning and programme implementation by them.

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